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building web applications, learning new frameworks, squishing bugs, supporting open source, designing logos, editing photos, authoring novels, creating new cultures, waxing poetic, petting the dog, simulating basketball, reading scif-fi & fantasy, managing social media, perfecting my French,
googling all the things...

It's just the beginning

I’ve had an overactive and imaginative mind since I was a child, thus creating the many sides of me: developer, author, designer, poet, dog mom, basketball fan, pseudo-psychologist, etc. As a professional software engineer, I write code, make websites, and build applications. I also have some side projects to keep learning and honing my Googling skills. As an author and poet, I participate in poetry readings, write short stories, and even publish novels. In 2017, I finished my first novel and, with the creation of my publishing company, Black Meredith Press, I published Element Unknown. Its sequel is in the works, which is a lot harder to write than one might think.


All of these different sides will now live under one roof,, with blog posts and general updates. Check out my current writings and coding projects to see what I have been up to. Also, subscribe below ⬇ to get updates right in your mailbox!

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